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Advertising is the Soul of Business and Social Networks are a fantastic method of advertising

Do you have a business and want to expand your brand awareness? But you don't know what is the best solution for your business? The doubts keep plaguing you, the questions, 'should I advertise to expand my company's notoriety? What type of advertising would my company need? flyers? billboards? Word of mouth? Or digital? website, social presence?"

The correct answer is somewhere in between, in order for your business to grow steadily over time you need to have a presence everywhere or almost everywhere. Whether you have a local business or a national or global one.

Let's say you are a restaurant, a bar or a clothing shop and you want to make your products or services known to as many people as possible, there is no better solution than opening social channels and managing them consistently (without underestimating the ads campaigns that are essential to reach new people on target), without underestimating the famous Word of Mouth, or creating Fidelity Cards, leafleting and much more to impose your presence in the territory.

Have you heard of ads but didn't understand what they are?

Ads are digital advertising campaigns that you can create.

On social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok...

Increase your presence on search engines (Google) and much more.

Obviously ads will involve an investment of money, but leafleting, Fidelity Cards, billboards also involve an economic investment, so what is the main difference between online and offline advertising?

The main and most important is the TARGET, i.e. the ability to choose and decide who you want to send the message to. For example, if I have a clothing shop for girls located in Rome, I can decide to send my message to all the girls who live or are in Rome at the moment and I can also choose the target age.

So one of the main advantages of digital advertising is to send my promotional message to people potentially interested in my business, which is not possible with the old advertising methods, but also through radio or television (highly wasteful methods).

Or do I own a restaurant serving typical Neapolitan cuisine? How do I get tourists or potential customers to find me? What is one of the first steps that tourists or people interested in a certain product or service take when they need it? Google, that's right they will Google: 'Typical Neapolitan Cuisine, Nearby Restaurant, Neapolitan Cuisine...', and at this point it is essential that you are present on Google, but even Google has its own priority schemes on its search engine (SEO, location, reviews...) so what could you do to climb the classic quickly? Post an Ad. ( The restaurant is an example but the same applies to almost any business).

Have you heard of E-Commerce and would like to open one?

Let's start with what an E-Commerce is, an E-Commerce is nothing more than a website that gives you the opportunity to sell your products online.

Unfortunately, many people today are still convinced that all you need to do is open an E-Commerce store to start selling, but unfortunately this is not the case. In order to start selling you will need a carefully thought-out marketing plan, and you will need to invest significant resources in your new business. So you will need social channels, ad campaigns, and also Influencer marketing.

Influencers are those people who have considerable relevance on social media (let's say their followers often take their advice or sales proposals into consideration).

So always be wary of those who tell you I opened an e-commerce and made money without investing in advertising, because they are lying to you, or those who tell you that to sell on e-commerce you only need to spend a few euros.


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