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What we do

Social Media Strategy

The Social Media Strategist is a digital professional who deals with creating digital marketing strategies. Thanks to a solid understanding of the opportunities offered by social media, it offers effective marketing solutions. A good social media strategist is like a bridge between the company and the social media community

Content Creator

The Content creator is the one who, on the basis of a specific communication project, takes charge of defining the contents and presenting them in the most suitable and effective form.

Social Media

Design, coordination, implementation and control of all initiatives related to the market launch of a product / service or a line of products / services. Design and presentation of an advertising campaign, media planning, decoding of advertising messages

We analyze le 
your stats

We accurately and consistently analyze your statistics both of growth (like, interaction, comments, folower) and of your advertising campaigns (audience, geolocation, age, gender, interests ...)
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